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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Solopreneur websites - then and now!

Back when I first had a consulting practice, in the 1997 - 2000 period, online marketing was very different.
I put up a website (had worked at an ISP, learned a bit there) using one of those do-it-yourself software programs (will post the name when it comes to me), managing all the linkages and parent-child relationships, choosing the look from the set options, etc..

It was a lot of work, but fun too. Then, I published it!

On to my domain that I had registered, via an ISP I had a relationship with.

And then I waited, hopefully, for people to find it!

It was like constructing this beautiful, elaborate structure.. on the edge of a cliff. Then, standing beside it, staring out into the vastness --- hoping that some human energy from somewhere would boomerang back in return. Certainly that did happen, sometimes, for some people. Not so much for me though. Accounting services just aren't all that compelling, really. Lesson learned, now all sorts of other content as well. Still - so nice to not have that chasm-staring thing going on any more!

I didn't know anything about whatever search processes were in place at the time. There certainly was no online blog community like this with any 'dashboard' or 'followers' or anything.

Just had to hope that somebody would click on it from my web address in an email, or from a posting on an online forum.

Things are *so* different now.

I tend to look askance at some aspects of social media - the inserting of commercial relationships in to other social contexts, the privacy issues, the manipulations. However, the ease of access itself is so wonderful now. Remembering back makes me that much more grateful for all that is in place now. Definitely worth the struggle of minimizing the bad to have the good!

Crosstex - Freedom (feat. Brutalon Beatzz)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Brickfish Social Media: On Top of the World

Brickfish Social Media: On Top of the World

Brickfish Contest - whole story

Brickfish Whole Story
Hi Everyone!
My name is Claire Stokes, and I'm the sole proprietor of Clarity Solutions, an accounting services firm. I have a lot to say about what I do and all that I think about accounting, but am going to leave that for another day. Today, I'd like to invite you to join in a social media interlude that I'm engaging in.
Someone in my family recently happened across this contest on Brickfish. There are multiple levels to this thing, which I’m going to describe. Please ask if this isn’t clear!
If her photo gets to within the top 200 rankings (she's within 250 now), she has a chance to win a camera and a small scholarship amount. The winner is chosen by Brickfish, there’s no linear way to make sure she’s chosen. So, that part is fun, but not something we have much control over.
The other part though is that, if you go there and scroll down, there is a ‘viral map’ – something which Brickfish apparently has a patent pending for. Here’s what they say about it: This map shows the number of people viewing this content on websites other than Brickfish. Once this entry has been posted and viewed on another website, the map activates for that site. (There’s also a fun geographic view).
Right now, here are the number of viewers per some of the sites (and where they were yesterday):
Email 740 (was 670 yesterday,  602 recently)
Facebook 45 (was 22 yesterday,  15 recently)
Hootsuite 26 (was 18 yesterday,  8 recently)
Tumblr 29 (was 14 yesterday,  not listed at all the day before)
Myspace 14 (had been stuck at 12 for a while)
efoliomn 11 (stuck there)
Other 97 (was 10, and 4 before that) - my pet peeve! WHAT is in *other*??? Would love to know..
Longurl 8, 8 yesterday, not on before.
LinkedIn 8, 3 yesterday (before that not listed)
Twitter 46, 2 yesterday (before that not listed) - impressive!
Others that have recently surfaced include Hi5, TypePad, Xanga, and so on.
This post here contains a link to the contest, also I'll post to here from the contest possibly as well. Following that, Blogger activity could generate  its own dot!
What I’ve been getting excited about is a contest-within-the-contest: a battle of social media platforms (terminology corrections welcome) as far as viral activity and whatnot.
I’m not the biggest fan in the world of how much Facebook is trying to ‘be’ the web. I’d like for the web to be lots of things, including but not limited to Facebook.. forever. So I would love to see Hootsuite and Twitter and Tumblr and LinkedIn and maybe even late-to-the-dance Blogger all show up on that map, all with *bigger* numbers than Facebook!
If you’re game, I’d love your help! If you’ll view the page, that will make the map change. Voting is fine too, since that’s also there as an option. (The ranking and the ‘warm’ setting etc.. is probably just based on viewing we think, so that’s almost more important than voting even for the main contest). Then if you were even willing to re-post this, that would help boost your platform of choice in the viral part of the contest, too! That’s the other really interesting part, to me..
This contest actually goes till Feb 9, so lots of time yet for that whole viral thing to progress the way it does.
So, that’s the basic story. If you have any questions, please let me know. Also, and I really mean this, if you have any advice, I’d really like to learn about all this as part of this process too.
Oh, and here’s link to the contest:
Also, with twitter format being what it is, each message sent that way contains limited info only. Also, Tumblr posts are not usually all that long (this is the longest I’ll post here). But Facebook has the Notes feature, which has extensive capacity, and then only shows up like a normal-sized item in the feed. So I've posted a complete list of tweets/messages once so far, for better clarity, may update as well.
Here are those other pages:
FB Clarity Solutions site (more Site-Members always welcome):
FB note on this contest with early tweets/messages:
Tumblr Clarity Solutions page:
In any case, that’s the scoop on what all this is about. Hope it makes sense (please let me know if it doesn’t) and would be delighted to see David win over Goliath One More Time!


Welcome to the Clarity Solutions Website!
This site is under construction, your patience is appreciated.
Soon you will find information here about my accounting/software services practice, how to contact me, as well as various other information.
Please also look up our site on Facebook. That page is a community gathering place, an information aggregating site for all things useful to the small business/local nonprofit community.
Thanks for visiting!